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My Hard Rock Cafe Shot Glass

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My Wish List

Basically I still need a lot to complete my collection. Anything that is not in my collection is my wish list.


Regular Shot 30th Anniv Others
Bali Mexican Blue Green Red Lettering
Jakarta-pending HRH LVegas Metallic Set
Sharm- tall Surfers Paradise Metallic Set
Surfers Paradise Cobalt Blue
Ankara-pending Houston Canadian Blue
Johannesburgh Niagara Falls Canadian Yellow
Belfast ?? HRH LVegas The Joint Tall
Tel Aviv HRH LVegas
Amman Paris 5th Anniversary
rome-black Paris 25th Anniversary


Please email me if you would like to trade, or you have anything that I don't have or you want anything from my collection. Nothing can't be work out if you don't email me.

Please email me at